Rotary Club of Kona Presenters 2019
  11th  Luke Clebsch of Big Island Music Academy
  18th Kea Clebsch Winner of the West Hawaii Science and Engineering Fair     
  25th  Ross Birch of Big Island Visitors Bureau
    1st Reese Mates of PETS!   
    8th Marshall Akamu of the Food Basket
  15TH Dr. Monica Scheel /Dermatology
  22nd Rotary Day/ New President John Spicer Presiding
  29TH Dana Butler of Road Usage Charges
    5th  Laura Varney of Hospice of Kona
 12th Jeffrey Werle of Alanon  
 19th Bonnie Kinzie of Air Med Care
 26th Jim and Janice Gustin Ocean Sailing
   3rd Stephen Hicks of Regency at Hualalai