Aloha Rotarians,

We have been meeting at Lava Java for a month now and I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks as if we will continue to do so. Nothing peaks your appreciation like a two year shut down. We meet in such a beautiful place and I have been enjoying seeing everyone in person and sharing time together, learning about current events and things of interest on our island.

Ben Noyes has been bringing us great speakers, now and through the covid times. Thank you Ben! We are having a members alumni meeting next month, a great opportunity to see and check in with past members in person or via zoom if they are no longer on the island. Another example of the positive things that have been instituted since covid.

As Peter and I enter the final stretch of our term, I am so grateful that the club has managed to survive the last 2 years, and the incoming president and board are so willing and enthusiastic to lead us into endless opportunities. I have learned so much about the far reach of Rotary and the potential for meaningful change in the world. I look forward to serving on the board and seeing our club reach new heights.

A few things we are looking forward to is the dedication of a peace pole by the Rotary club of Kona Sunrise on April 30 from 10:00am to noon at the Daifukuji Soto Zen Buddhist Temple. This will be such a lively event, with Taiko Drumming, Dedication, Happy Strummers and Fellowship. Kudos Kona Sunrise.

On May 6th the Rotary club of North Hawaii will honor the North Hawaii health care workers with a free food truck event from 7am until late afternoon. Kimo-Jim Becker and other members have worked with Peter and our club to co-sponsor this wonderful event. Drop by Kohala Hospital and show support and appreciation to these dedicated professionals. Kudos Rotary Club of North Hawaii.

May 20-22 is our district conference at The Aulani Hotel on Oahu. This is a great opportunity to see the district 5000 clubs and learn of activities past, present, and future.

It’s a time to celebrate our achievements and pass the torch on to Scott Unger. We will install Scott as our new president in June and the club couldn’t be in better hands. Details are still in the planning phase, but no doubt it will be fun and memorable.

My closing thoughts are of humble gratitude. Rotary has been a beacon of inspiration, continuity, support and comfort. At the last president’s meeting I was reminded that our club is a satellite club for all the clubs around us, like a big brother. I like the idea of us being a big brother to Rotary clubs and look forward to sharing future events with the Rotary Clubs of the Big Island. I will now become a “long-time Rotarian”.

YIR - Becca Hamar - President, Rotary Club of Kona