A BIG Mahalo Nui Loa to all who have donated to help the Rotary Club of Kona feed those in need during this Pandemic.  
We’d like to acknowledge those individuals who have so graciously donate to our cause –Kona Castle Ranch, LLC, Tom Fine, The Gustins, Becca Hamar, Peter Schonberg, Tom Daniel, Renee Kraft, Brian Riley, Mahlon Whittle, Chrys Yamasaki, Brian Asbjornson, Jenny Rasmussen, Alysia Dinneen, Preston Crowl, Scott Unger, Tom Beirlein, Dani Knapp, Darlene Daboling, Alan Clark, Linda Jane Kelley, Barbara Stahly, John Spicer, David Rees-Thomas, Shirley Stoffer, Shirley Seal, Gretchen Watson-Kabei, Susan Tanaka, Don & Shirley David, Geri Eckert, David Glass, Kate & Neil Sims, David Brooks, Douglas Perrine, John & Zola Ingram, Mary Ellen Smith, Morris Branch, Greg Ogin, Kelly Fliear, Thomas Myers, Janie Peterson, Kris Hazard, Diane Yeh, Jane Galante, June Masada, Allen Sullivan, Alan Hale, Daniel Hale, Judy Armstong-Burger.
How we are using those funds –
Due to school closures, we have modified our Meet N’ Eat program rather than closing it. We are providing 400 take out lunches and a bag of groceries on each Saturday at 2 schools – Kahakai Elementary and Kealakehe Intermediate.
Secondly, Salvation Army’s food supply was quickly dwindling with the large increase of those needing meals., and their sources of obtaining food have dwindled as well.  Salvation Army is providing take away dinners on Thursday and Saturdays and at this time that is about 490 meals and the numbers are increasing. They are also distributing at least 650 baskets of groceries each week that last 5 days.  We are trying to keep their food pantry stocked so they can continue the feedings and grocery giveaways.
For April Salvation Army Kona served 2801 hot meals, gave out 4111 Baskets of food, gave out 2457 snacks, 3222 beverages, and 208 meals to Kapuna.
Third, some of the homeless are being sheltered in a hotel and we are providing a weekly bag of lunch items which is about 287 lunches per week.
And last but certainly NOT least, a BIG thank you to all our members and the members of Rotary Club of Kona Sunrise who are putting themselves at risk, and putting in the time and the labor needed for this cause.
Mahalo Nui Loa to ALL from the Rotary Club of Kona! 
The attached photo shows some of the truckloads of food your donations have allowed us to purchase so these programs can continue to feed those in need during this pandemic.